WorldKind Academy's 2024

Qualified Trainer PROgram

Elevate your Pre-departure

Transform your pre-departure training sessions with our innovative Traveler Trainer PROgram (TTP). Become a Qualified Trainer and gain the professional development and tools you need to deliver engaging and impactful orientation experiences for students.

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The Benefits

By completing the Qualified Trainer PROgram, you'll be equipped with master synchronous facilitation tools that include gamification, animated and live video scenarios, reflection and discussion guidance on responsible and sustainable travel, and access to the full student resources library (personalized student guides and workbooks). 

You'll also advance your own professional development by being introduced to basic instructional design principles and skills. Apply your new knowledge to enhance your own training and development workshops for years to come.

 Create Immersive Learning

 Use instructional design methodologies to make training more engaging and memorable.

Boost Engagement

 Implement gamified and animated elements that keep participants motivated and involved.

Deliver Impactful Training

Apply scenario-based learning to ensure students are prepared for real-world situations.

Training Includes

Facilitator training and coaching

New! Professional development with WorldKind Instructional Designers! Enjoy small group coaching with your fellow cohort members.

(Coaching Value = $750)

License to deliver

in-person training

Your training license allows you to deliver the TTP with synchronous, in-person groups of any size at your institution for one year!

(License Value = $1000)


New! Accompanying workbook - the Trainer Guide delivers expert guidance, recommendations, and reflection and discussion topics.

(Guide Value = $50)

Access to full TTP module library

"Associate" level membership, one account with access to the full Traveler Trainer PROgram, for a year is included in your training!

(Program Value = $150 x number of your students)

Access all student resources

Download and use any of the TTP modules' 15+ workbooks and resources to create personalized guides for your students. 

(Resource Value = $45 x number of your students)

Upgrade license any time

Level up your "Associate" membership during the 1st year and apply your previous payment to your institution's "White Glove" level cost!

(Upgrade Value = $650-850 Apply payment to next level)

Your Coaches

We understand the challenges and the evolution of collegiate learners. We specialize in the education abroad and the education travel industry. WorldKind is trusted by public and private universities across the United States. Our experience is your gain. 

Save my spot

Empowering you to become a dynamic trainer and transform your pre-departure orientations through gamification, scenario-based learning, and rich student resources for a truly immersive and impactful experience. Join us and receive full access to our updated Traveler Trainer PROgram (TTP). 

During the training, you'll get to play the games and go through the interactive scenarios as if you were a student preparing to study abroad.

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July 15-19

Early Bird pricing ends 6/30/24
Early Bird: $650
Regular pricing: $850

July 22-26

Early Bird pricing ends 6/30/24
Early Bird: $650
Regular pricing: $850

Self Paced

Early Bird pricing ends 6/30/24
Early Bird: $650
Regular pricing: $850


What's included in the 1 year "Associate Level" membership?

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How do I provide students with their resources (workbooks, etc.)?

With the Traveler Trainer PROgram, you have complete flexibility to choose and customize the resources to best suit your curriculum and student needs. You can distribute digital copies or print them yourself for hands-on learning, tailoring the materials to fit your program perfectly.
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Where can I sample the Traveler Trainer PROgram?

See overviews of all of the Traveler Trainer PROgram modules and what's included in each HERE. You'll even be able to try some sample activities and videos from some of the modules.

If you'd like to have an even more in-depth look at the TTP and a personal conversation with one of us, you can request a personal demo HERE
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Can individual licenses be purchased for students?

At the "White Glove" level, your institution can elevate its pre-departure offerings with a bundle of individual student licenses, starting at just 100 licenses for $27.99 each. This premium package ensures each student has full access to our comprehensive suite of resources, can learn at their own pace, and includes our "White Glove" service of customizing and branding the TTP for your institution. 
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What are the other levels of membership?

Did you know that the average cost of an online training course is $137, [1] which is roughly the same cost as one new college textbook? Our commitment is to prepare good global guests without breaking your budget. So, the most each student pays for their complete training course is the equivalent cost of one meal. Now that's value, and isn't your students' health and safety worth that?

To honor WorldKind’s pledge to making education abroad more accessible and inclusive, we also offer 20% off  the "White Glove" plan for all community colleges and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) every year.

As part of our first-year celebration, we're giving 20% off to the first 20 partner schools that join us before June 30, 2024


Industry Recognition

"Innovative Technology" Finalist in 2023 and 2024

“This award recognizes the creation and/or use of an innovative technology or tool specific to international education. Nominees are evaluated based on the success of implementing the technology, how it stands out from other resources in the field, and its overall impact to the staff or student experience.”

"Innovation in Sustainability" Finalist in 2024

“This award honors commitment to environmental conservation and/or sustainable community development projects through an organization’s programs and day-to-day operations. Nominees are assessed on overall impact, groundbreaking strategies, and integration of their message.”