We believe that educational travel and eLearning experiences have the power to help transform lives and build a more collaborative, compassionate, and kinder world. WorldKind exists to serve others by designing online, in-person, and on-the-ground learning experiences.

Together, we aim to help people learn while traveling ethically AND by making opportunities for learning and development more accessible across the world through eLearning.

WorldKind is a woman-owned "public benefit" company recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as such because of the general public benefit we create by supporting learning and development projects across the world. You can see our mission most clearly in the Traveler Trainer PROgram we've designed.

Traveler Trainer PROgram (TTP)

What is the objective and primary focus of the Traveler Trainer PROgram (TTP) pre-departure program?

The objective of this expert-designed training program is to equip students to “become PROs before they GO” abroad by providing them with critical health, safety, and other "life skills" for traveling internationally
. The TTP also strives to develop students into "good global guests" who can think globally and reflect critically on their experience. These skills are developed and enhanced through their engagement with gamified, scenario-based learning in an asynchronous way that saves your institution's staff time and resources. 

In consultation with international education experts, healthcare professionals, legal experts, environmental advisors, and other academics drawn together from many different subject matter areas, WorldKind developed the "Traveler Trainer PRO" (TTP), an online library of multi-media, interactive modules. 

  • Comprehensive Training Solution
    WorldKind's "Traveler Trainer PRO" (TTP) offers an online library of interactive, gamified modules designed to prepare students for study abroad by covering safety, health, insurance, cultural adaptation, mental wellbeing, finances, and travel logistics.

  • Expert-Driven Development
    TTP was developed with input from international education experts, healthcare professionals, legal experts, and environmental advisors, ensuring high-quality, relevant content.

  • Flexible and Customizable
    The training program can be shared across universities and tailored to meet specific institutional and program needs, offering a cost-effective solution for diverse educational environments.

  • Ethical and Sustainable Focus
    TTP integrates the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and ethical considerations related to international travel, promoting responsible global engagement among students.

Additional Background
After doing qualitative interviews, focus groups, and beta testing with education abroad offices across the country, we determined that the core of the program should center around key areas of concern for most institutions, such as safety & security, health, insurance, cultural adaptation and mental wellbeing, finances, and travel logistics. 

Because the TTP’s comprehensive training was developed in a way that it could be shared across universities while still being customized to their institutional and program needs, we were able to design a flexible training model that was also cost-effective. We’re also proud that we’ve been able to incorporate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and reflection on ethical issues related to international travel throughout the modules.
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What makes this pre-departure PROgram special?

The Traveler Trainer PROgram is...

With over 15+ mix and match modules to choose that include 15+ guides & worksheets along with 50+ interactive videos, games, and personalized action times, we try to cover all the basics while still allow you the freedom to design your dream pre-departure programs.

Expert Designed
Developed by a diverse team of international educators and experts, ensuring high-quality, relevant training tailored to study abroad challenges. The TTP was designed and vetted by a diverse team of experts, including international educators, instructional designers, travel health and safety professionals, legal experts, environmentalists, and academics from various fields. Our team comes from an educational background and knows the challenges of student training and Education Abroad.

Real-World Scenarios
Our program follows a diverse group of students and staff with varied levels of confidence, abilities, and health concerns. Our interactive scenarios reflect real-life triumphs and challenges. These enhance emergency readiness while also mitigating liability with real-world scenarios, action items, & quizzes.

Highly Customizable
Institutions can design unique learning pathways with required and optional modules, allowing each student to have a tailored pre-departure experience.
Education Abroad professionals can tailor this training to institutional needs while also accessing standardized essential information. We guide reflection on relevant global issues with discussion questions that encourage students to research their host country and culture, incorporating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Staff can build on this in-person without having to cover the basics repeatedly.

Our three partners plans give you the flexibility to find a solution that meets your budgets. By using pre-built modules that you can mix-and-match and customize on some of our plan levels, you could reduce staff workloads, eliminate costly meetings and make-up sessions, and mitigate liability.

Flexible and Accessible
Students can take control of their learning pace and acquire knowledge through bite-sized learning. They can minimize any travel anxiety with step-by-step expert guidance accessible 24/7 for a year, even while abroad.

Minimal Staff Support Required
Staff support needed is minimal, and there are a number of hands-on and hands-off options for monitoring progress and completion.

In commitment to making education abroad more accessible
To honor WorldKind’s pledge to making education abroad more accessible and inclusive, we also offer 20% off our "White Glove" plan for all community colleges and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) every year. As part of our first-year celebration, we're giving 20% off to the first 20 partner schools that join us before June 30, 2024.
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What does the TTP not cover?

This program does not provide comprehensive information about any one student’s destination country
but prepares students for key travel issues and essential safety and administrative requirements.

The Traveler Trainer PROgram offers tools to help students do their own research in preparation for their personal experiences. We can, however, add some specifics for your students based on the information you provide, and this can be discussed with our staff in person.
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How does the TTP create efficiencies in my Education Abroad program (and make my life easier)? 

Like you, we believe students should have the best training possible before going abroad, but the reality is that staff and budgets are often under-resourced and overstretched.

Enhanced In-Person Trainings 
Use the content synchronously (all plan levels) and significantly level up your in-person trainings by better engaging attention, increasing participation, and memory retention with your students. Radically transform your live sessions by playing games and completing scenarios together as a group, and reflect on discussion questions together as a whole or in small groups. The TTP can also enhance emergency readiness that can mitigate liability with the program’s real-world scenarios, action items, and quizzes to engage students and enable retention of information.

Asynchronous Learning Options
If you choose to use the TTP asynchronously (White Glove and Editor PRO levels only), you can reduce staff workloads by eliminating scheduling hassles, make-up sessions, preparation time, and costly meetings related to pre-departure training. With 24/7 access, students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

You can tailor training to institutional needs while also standardizing essential information.

Hybrid Training Flexibility
And if you want to try a hybrid approach, you can assign and deliver standardized material online (e.g., health and safety topics), and free up your in-person sessions to focus on country, culture, and program-specific topics. You can have deeper conversations without spending too much time on the basics. By taking away the need to cover standard topics in person, the TTP enable real-life follow-up that allows EA staff to focus on student sessions on issues that are specific to them.

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I’m tentatively interested. Do you have a brochure or product deck I can share with my team before we book a demo?

You can see our interactive overview of the program and/or download the PROgram overview brochure here: https://worldkindacademy.com/about-the-ttp
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The Learner's Experience

What is the experience from a student perspective?

Efficient Learning
Core material can be completed in 90 minutes to 2 hours, with main modules (Health, Safety & Security, Insurance) taking about 20-30 minutes each. We provide tools for destination-specific research that could facilitate further personal development, and there are a range of additional modules that can be optional extras.

Customizable and Flexible
Students can choose from additional optional modules and use tools for destination-specific research to further personal development. Students craft individualized learning paths via an intake form to learn at their own pace. Learn more about the student log-in and intake form here: https://worldkindacademy.com/individualized-experiences

Interactive and Practical
Each module includes a downloadable workbook for students to note personal needs and plans, compiling useful information for future reference.

Streamlined Access
Easy sign-in with institutional email and "Easy Buttons" for direct access to external resources facilitate immediate student engagement and streamlined access to key resources.

TTP Alumni Opportunities
We also offer opportunities for alumni to contribute to the modules through first-person accounts from their travels as Student Ambassadors. Learn more here: https://worldkindacademy.com/about-us-worldkind-student-ambassadors

Student feedback
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How does the program facilitate cultural integration and understanding in the destination country?

Throughout all the modules, we incorporate “Reflection and Discussion” questions alongside “Action Items” to help students in their personalized learning about their host country and to reflect on real-life experiences they may have before they encounter them. We prompt reflection on students’ own cultures and expectations.
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Can you provide details about the success and outcomes of previous participants?

You can read testimonials from Education Abroad professionals on our home page and here: https://worldkindacademy.com/student-testimonials
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Let's Talk Mooo-la

What’s the cost? 

Did you know that the average cost of an online training course is $137, [1] which is roughly the same cost as one new college textbook?

Our commitment is to prepare good global guests without breaking your budget and to increase learning while also freeing up your staff. With three plan levels available, WorldKind ensures a tailored pre-departure orientation solution that is cost-effective and aligns with your budget.

Learn more here: https://worldkindacademy.com/pricing
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How long are the contracts?

Contracts can be arranged on a year-by-year basis or for longer periods of time, with different prices depending on length of contract.

You can read more about plans and pricing here: https://worldkindacademy.com/pricing 
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Does WorldKind offer any discounts or loyalty discounts? 

To honor WorldKind’s pledge to making education abroad more accessible and inclusive, we also offer 20% off for all community colleges and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) every year.

As part of our first-year celebration, we're giving 20% off to the first 20 partner schools that join us before June 30, 2024. 
Don't miss out on our Spring onboarding slots for early adopters - only a few spots left!
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Demos and Trials

What can I expect during the demo?

We’ll discuss your particular institutional needs and goals and which aspects of the TTP can best meet them.

Tailored Discussion

We'll start by discussing your institution's specific needs and goals, identifying how the TTP can best support them.

Platform Overview
You'll receive an overview of the TTP's research and development, the platform itself, and our partner development process.

Hands-On Experience 
Experience the TTP as students do, including the sign-up process, character introductions, and module navigation, followed by access to a demo account.

Extended Trial and Feedback
You'll have a month to explore sample modules featuring videos, games, interactive scenarios, and quizzes. Afterward, we'll have a follow-up meeting to gather your feedback and suggestions for improvement.We’ll discuss your particular institutional needs and goals and which aspects of the TTP can best meet them.
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Can I trial the Traveler Trainer PROgram?

Yes - you can find our free passport module here
: https://worldkindacademy.com/course/passports2

You can sample TTP module content here: https://worldkindacademy.com/module-content

Experience More
For a more in-depth look at the TTP, please get in touch to arrange a personalized demo. We will also give a one-month demo account with sample content from the core modules as well as access to one other full module (Accessibility Abroad). You can see a comprehensive list of our modules with some samples from many of the modules here: https://worldkindacademy.com/modules
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Onboarding and Maintenance

What is the onboarding process?  

Quick Setup

Once the contract is approved, the TTP can go live within 1-2 weeks, ensuring a swift onboarding process for your institution.

Minimal University Staff Involvement 
A decision-maker will need to work through a one-hour customization guide meeting with WorldKind, after which WorldKind will handle the insertion of basic information into the modules.

Comprehensive Support
For "White Glove" and "Editor PRO" clients, WorldKind manages the customization and setup process, minimizing the workload on your staff.

Streamlined Enrollment and Monitoring 
Students can self-enroll using their university email, and staff can easily monitor completion through a "Reporter Role" with guidance provided in a short onboarding guide.

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Can universities customize the program with branding?

Yes, universities can customize the TTP program with their branding and specific focus. WorldKind provides personalized landing pages and intake forms that feature your university's name, logo, and unique information. The modules can be tailored to display institutional details, such as specific policies, requirements, and information about your health center and Education Abroad office.

Once students meet your specified criteria, they will receive a WorldKind "Travel Health & Safety Training" certificate of completion, which prominently displays your university's name. This ensures that students' preparedness is formally recognized and associated with your institution.
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Can the TTP work through my LMS?

The WorldKind Academy platform (where the Traveler Trainer PROgram is housed) is a global competencies training solution that provides a cutting edge, cloud-based LMS that can facilitate the gamification we’ve incorporated into the Traveler Trainer PROgram (TTP), and it’s easy for students to register and login in themselves without any staff needed to enroll them.

At the moment, we aren’t able to integrate with other LMS systems, such as Canvas, because they’re not able to host all of the gamification features. Based on feedback from our current university partners (and robust beta testing), though, the straightforward setup process and integrating the TTP as a PDO solution are regularly praised as a highly effective and low-overhead solution. We’re happy to chat more about this anytime.
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What decisions need to be made through onboarding?

Since programs vary in duration (e.g., short-term faculty-led vs. semester direct-exchange) and purpose (e.g., academic credit vs. service-learning), you can require different modules on each learning pathway so that your students will see content that’s relevant to them.   

"White Glove" partners can create up to three learning pathways that guide students through different required modules based on their program types and will need to choose which modules will be required for each path. 

"Editor PRO" partners can create unlimited pathways in their own private WorldKind Academy instances. We will work through a customization guide with you to add institution-specific information to provide your students with relevant information pertinent to their needs.  

To see examples of how you may wish to use these modules, see: https://worldkindacademy.com/learning-pathways
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Legalities and Accreditation

Is the Traveler Trainer PROgram accredited or recognized by relevant governing bodies or institutions?

Partnering with accredited universities

WorldKind partners with accredited universities across the U.S.A. that have vetted and approved this training as part of their own robust pre-departure preparation for their students.

Industry Recognition

Our most recent form of Industry Recognition is our two nominations as finalists for the 2024 GoAbroad Innovation Awards, which showcase the best in innovation, originality, creativity, and exceptional ideas in international education.


"Innovative Technology" - 2023 and 2024

“This award recognizes the creation and/or use of an innovative technology or tool specific to international education. This tool may be a technical advancement, a resource, or a device that demonstrates an innovative approach. Nominees are evaluated based on the success of implementing the technology, how it stands out from other resources in the field, and its overall impact to the staff or student experience.”


"Innovation in Sustainability" - 2024

“This award honors commitment to environmental conservation and/or sustainable community development projects through an organization’s programs and day-to-day operations. Nominees are assessed on overall impact, groundbreaking strategies, and integration of their message.”

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How does WorldKind protect university and student data?

For sign-on purposes, we ask students to enter their name and student email address. We do not request further personal information that could identify them, and any feedback or demographic information given is voluntary.

Our policy is not to solicit or retain any personally identifying information from students. Our workbooks can be downloaded as editable pdfs so students can fill in personal information only on their own devices. We have security information on our platform available to view on request, and we comply with a variety of security requirements pertinent to US colleges and universities. 

You can review our complete Privacy Policy here: https://worldkindacademy.com/privacy
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What is a "Public Benefit Company"?

According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's "Benefit companies – 15 Pa.C.S. §§ 8891-8898," benefit companies “offer entrepreneurs and investors the option to build, and invest in, businesses that operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.”

The full statute section
According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's "Benefit companies – 15 Pa.C.S. §§ 8891-8898," benefit companies are "Pennsylvania limited liability companies, with a purpose of creating a general public benefit, in addition to any other purposes they have as a limited liability company. A general public benefit is defined as a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole and assessed against a third-party standard, from the business and operations of a benefit company. A benefit company may also have as a purpose the creation of one or more specific public benefits. These include: (1) providing low-income or underserved individuals or communities with beneficial products or services; (2) promoting economic opportunity for individuals or communities beyond the creation of jobs in the normal course of business; (3) preserving the environment; (4) improving human health; (5) promoting the arts, sciences or advancement of knowledge; (6) promoting economic development through support of initiatives that increase access to capital for emerging and growing technology enterprises, facilitate the transfer and commercial adoption of new technologies, provide technical and business support to emerging and growing technology enterprises or form support partnerships that support those objectives; (7) increasing the flow of capital to entities with a public benefit purpose; and (8) the accomplishment of any other particular benefit for society or the environment. A benefit company offers entrepreneurs and investors the option to build, and invest in, businesses that operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner."
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How does the TTP incorporate with the United Nation's (UN)
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

We’ve aligned our Traveler Trainer PROgram with the UN’s SDGs in various ways to help make students' education abroad experiences catalysts for positive change. For example, we’ve incorporated “Reflection and Discussion” questions related to the SDGs and have created gamified tools that promote sustainability, one of which is our “SDG Trivia Wheel” game here: https://worldkindacademy.com/sdg-trivia-wheel.

We are proud that we were a finalist for GoAbroad’s 2024 "Innovation in Sustainability" award for our efforts! 

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How does the program cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by student travelers?

Customizable Content
Students view a combination of standardized and customized content. Some content can be customized to reflect your institution’s requirements for your students. For example, if you require some students to use a specific insurance policy, then the “Understanding Your University’s Insurance” module will be tailored to your particular insurance policy.

Up-to-Date Information
Our content is regularly updated in response to changing circumstances and we keep abreast of changes in the travel industry as we endeavor to bring the most important information to students. We avoid overloading students with unnecessary details while still seeking to provide new information or important reminders to experienced travelers.

Refined Through Feedback and using Design Thinking
We have undertaken an extensive process of Beta testing and refinement to ensure that we are covering all areas required to prepare students for their experience. In partnership with universities nationwide, WorldKind successfully beta launched the Traveler Trainer PROgram for pre-departure study abroad in 2022. Upon finishing, students offered valuable survey feedback, expressing a desire for firsthand accounts from fellow students about their study abroad experiences. 

To address this, we introduced the WorldKind Student Ambassador Program in 2023. This program centers around the collaboration with university students to acquire real and authentic stories concerning cultural adaptation and mental well-being while studying abroad. Their insights and stories will be incorporated into a multimedia learning module, benefiting and engaging thousands of future students worldwide.
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This program targets young adult learners, but could TTP be adapted for other audiences (business travelers, high school travel abroad programs, gap year participants, etc.)? 

We have future plans to develop versions that are tailored to other groups, however, the TTP could certainly be used as is to meet many other existing groups’ needs. Please contact us if you’d like to have a discussion and demo. 

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