About WorldKind

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Our Mission:  Design.  Journey.  Learn.

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Our Vision . . . 

Educational travel & eLearning experiences have the power to help transform lives and build a more collaborative, compassionate, and kinder world. WorldKind exists to serve others by designing online, in-person, and on-the-ground learning experiences. Together, we aim to help people learn while traveling ethically AND by making opportunities for learning and development more accessible across the world through eLearning.

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A "Public Benefit" Corporation . . .

WorldKind is a woman-owned "public benefit corporation," and our team of experts who designed and vetted our Traveler Trainer PROgram consists of international educators, instructional designers, travel health and safety professionals, legal experts, environmentalists, and other academics drawn together from many different subject matter areas.

We are recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a "public benefit corporation" because our team creates general public benefit by supporting learning and development projects across the world, and you can see our mission most clearly in the Traveler Trainer PROgram we've produced.

Although WorldKind is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, U.S.A, our team is global stretching from Dundee, Scotland to Austin, TX. Visit our design services website to learn more about partnering on other projects to design "world-kind" learning that creates collaborative, inclusive, and kinder spaces making learning more accessible for everyone.