Our Leadership

Kathleen Burt, Ph.D.

Director of Institutional Research and Client Services
The Head Unicorn Wrangler

Meg Ramey, Ph.D.

Executive Director

The Dreamer-in-Chief

Antonetta Roybal-Arias, B.A.

Director of Training and Development

The Creation Energy Buccaneer

Hamish, the Hairy Coo

Scottish Highland Cow
The Mascot

Where in the world has WorldKind been?

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The WorldKind team (Meg Ramey, Kathleen Burt, and Antonetta Roybal-Arias)
has lived, studied, or worked in 9 countries on 5 different continents and has visited over 65 countries. 

WorldKind's Industry Expertise 
by the numbers*

We understand the challenges and the evolution of collegiate learners.
We specialize in the education abroad and the education travel industry.
WorldKind is trusted by public and private universities across the United States.

Our experience is your gain. 

Training and Curriculum Development

Education Abroad and Ed Travel Industry

Adult Learners
Trained or Taught
(U.S. and Global)

Many of the stories and scenarios in the Traveler Trainer PROgram are based on our own experiences and those of our advisors and instructional designers, including many whom have lived and studied in places we have yet to explore.

*All number counts reflect the collective experience of the WorldKind leadership team (Meg Ramey, Kathleen Burt, and Antonetta Roybal-Arias) as of 2024.