Our Team

WorldKind is a woman-owned "public benefit company," and our team of experts who designed and vetted our Traveler Trainer PROgram consists of international educators, instructional designers, travel health and safety professionals, legal experts, environmentalists, and other academics drawn together from many different subject matter areas.


Kathleen Burt, Ph.D.

Director of Institutional Research and Client Services
The Head Unicorn Wrangler

Meg Ramey, Ph.D.

Executive Director

The Dreamer-in-Chief

Antonetta Roybal-Arias, B.A.

Director of Training and Development

The Creation Energy Buccaneer

Hamish, the Hairy Coo

Scottish Highland Cow
The Mascot


Duke Adams, B.S.

Contracts & Environmental Policy
The Master of Handshakes

Corinne Beverly, MS.Ed.

Subject Matter Expert Advisor
The Travel Ninja

Victoria Christman, Ph.D.

Curriculum Development
The Manager of Mischief

Shamaine Daniels, J.D.

Policy Development
The Empress of Inclusion

Sandra Halbruner, DNP

Subject Matter Expert Advisor
The Wellness Wizard

Lombuso S. Khoza, Ph.D.

Subject Matter Expert Advisor


Jacqueline (Jackie) Palmer, M.Ed.

Subject Matter Expert Advisor

Valerie Rambin, MA.Ed.

Subject Matter Expert Advisor
Hero of Faculty-Led Experiences

Martin Rosales, M.Ed.

Educational Technology
The Digital Prophet

Patricia Sagasti Suppes, Ph.D.

Curriculum Development
The Content Consultant

Kevin Sullivan, MA.Ed.

Subject Matter Expert Advisor
The Accessibility Oracle

Amaris (Ami) Vázquez-Vargas, MA.Ed.

Subject Matter Expert Advisor
The Master JEDI

Instructional Designers

Meet the amazing IDs who have dedicated a tremendous amount of time, talent, and effort to help create our "Traveler Trainer PROgram" as well as other engaging WorldKind learning experiences.

Student Ambassadors

We proudly recognize the WorldKind Student Ambassadors from universities throughout the US as peer mentors and for their collaboration with the WorldKind team. Through sharing their stories and adding their voices, they have contributed to the creation of relevant and authentic pre-departure program.