Kathleen Burt, Ph.D.

Director of Research, Media, & Accessibility
The Head Unicorn Wrangler

Kathleen is WorldKind's Director of Research, Media, and Accessibility. Starting out in Biblical Studies, she obtained a PhD from the University of St. Andrews in Jewish and early church ritual, where she tutored in Old and New Testament, developing a keen interest in the first-century world. While studying, she found herself drawn to issues of institutional operations and organizational ethics. She has spent the last few years working in Disability Rights and equity policy, including co-productive research exploring intersectional discrimination among service users. Kathleen serves on a consultative panel bringing the experience of disability-related public policy to the Scottish Government and just finished working in lived experience research for an inclusion project at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland.

She has done this while also writing about her passion for accessible travel at WanderingWounded.com. She has contributed to Oxford Biblical Studies Online and served on the editorial board of the Considering Disability journal based at the University of Leeds. Most recently, she spent lockdown studying Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science from her home in Scotland.

Kathleen is often found exploring local supermarkets in exotic locations or purchasing handicrafts with a carefree attitude towards her luggage dimensions. Her patient husband recognized that this was an integral part of her life when he spent seven of the first ten weeks of their relationship waiting for her to re-enter the same time zone. She loves gardening, learning languages, planning (travel, weddings, wildly improbable dream kitchens), and acting as a human butler to the small fluffy dog whose house she inhabits. She is on a mission to taste test all the baklava the Eastern Mediterranean has to offer.

You can reach her at kathleen@worldkindlearning.com.

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