Travel Bingo

Most bingos are a game of chance, but ours is a game of choice. . . 

In wanting to help promote awareness of the environmental impact of our transportation choices, we created this bingo that encourages choosing "aviation alternative" means of travel when possible. Rather than using "fast travel" methods, such as short-haul flights, that prioritize speed and cost over environmental impact, our Travel Bingo highlights mass transportation options and slower travel methods.

The "Slow Travel" movement itself encourages us to think about the means by which we journey to our destination as much as the destination itself. By choosing to travel just a week bit slower and with others, we can soak in more of the culture and place around us and help the environment too. 


Travel Bingo

Take learning to the next level . . . 

When using the game with your group, discuss the ways in which our transportation choices can help further the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We've linked three of the SDGs related to travel and transportation below to help you begin the conversation.

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