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International Education
Office Staff


Dr. Lombuso Khoza


Program Coordinator

Jackie Palmer


Travel Program Information


March 20th-April 1st, 2024

Program Director:
Jennie Chartlon-Jackson


June 2nd-June 13th, 2024

Program Director:
Hanael Bianchi


July 15th-22nd, 2024

Program Director:
Jennifer Kling

Travel Reminders

   Be monitoring your HCC email frequently as this is our main communication method

   Before you leave home TRIPLE CHECK that you have your passport, photo of pre-departure day sheet for reference & and any other required travel documentation!

   Prior to traveling, have a plan of action on how you intend to manage your health while traveling, obtain any medication needed.

  Be intentional in packing; don’t over pack!

  Look out for one another, always use the buddy system!

   Prior to departure you will be enrolled in STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program), & you should have the Alert Traveler app downloaded.

   Make sure you reach out to your phone provider about your international phone plan, as well as make sure you have informed your bank of the travel dates.

   Remember you are a representative of Howard Community College, represent us well!

Policy and Procedure Reference